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Choosing the Right RV for Your Family

Selecting an RV, the type, brand, and model, can be fun and exciting, but also a little overwhelming. For assistance, visit the helpful links we’ve provided below or get in touch with our Talented Team. We enjoy providing you with information or ideas to help you make the choice that will best fit the wants and needs of you and your family.

Competitive Prices With Small Town Values

Purchasing an RV shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but rather an exciting one! The first step is deciding which type is best for you. RV’s fall under three classes: A, B, and C.

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What Are the Types of RVs?

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Class A

These are typically known as motor homes or mobile homes. Class A’s are motorized and fully loaded for long trips. These are also the largest and most luxurious RV’s on the market, and come with the largest price tag.

Class B

Better known as a van camper, these RV’s are better for mileage on long trips. The downside is that they offer little room for comfort or sleep during  those trips. The Class B is the smallest option available, usually seating 2-4 people.

Class C

A mid-point between Class A and Class B, Class C offer similar amenities to the Class A within a smaller cabin. However, the price point is often much less than a Class A. The disadvantages are that they are smaller than the luxury class and offer less efficient MPG than a Class B.