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You’re Ready For Summer; But Is Your RV?

Your Iowa RV Needs Some Love

We have a saying here at ATC RV about the weather in Iowa, if you don’t like the weather just give it a day! We know that you can go from wearing your snow boots to hopping in your RV in Cedar Rapids and hitting the road to Iowa Campgrounds. That is why it is important to have a trusted local RV Service in Iowa help you get your RV as ready as you are! We had Josh Phillip give us the top three things he sees that prevents you from enjoying your RV in Iowa.

Wheel Bearings: Key #1 For RV Service

The ATC RV and Truck Center family can service your RV in Cedar Rapids or at your campsite as we are as mobile as you! The top thing that we see keeping you from enjoying your RV is the wear down on your wheel bearings. Damage from the heat in Iowa to your RV can cause loss of lubrication or just general wear and tear. Making sure that your wheel bearings on your RV are ready for the summer can be the difference between enjoying the trip or making a pitstop that your family will not be happy about.

Cedar Rapids RV Service is closer than you think with our mechanics at ATC Truck Center on your side. If for some reason you find yourself on the side of the road with your RV in Iowa- we can come to you or tow it to our shop as well.

Is It Time To Hit The Brakes?

Picture this you are cruising down the road driving your beautiful RV in Iowa’s gorgeous scenery thinking about the lake, river or maybe fishing you hit the brakes and ……. We at ATC RV center know you want to get on the road as quick as possible – and we want you to hit the road out of Eastern Iowa in your RV. Not getting your brakes checked before you start your adventure can lead to not enjoying that adventure at all this summer.

We offer a complete inspection of your RV, and getting your RV summerized and ready for the road is what we take pride in. Our technicians have decades of experience servicing RV’s in Cedar Rapids and all of Iowa. Let us make sure your brakes and your RV or trailer is road ready!

Whistle While You Work, Not While Driving your RV

Making sure that the sealant on your windows and roof is one of the biggest issues we remediate for customers after their first time out. Winters can take a toll on your RV in Iowa especially if you didn’t winterize. Making sure that your roof, windows, and RV are properly sealed can be overlooked.

If it starts raining you notice it right away, so book an appointment today with our friendly staff to have us look at your seals to make sure you are enjoying your time with your family, and not getting out the cleaning supplies to clean up the mess!

Your RV In Cedar Rapids Is Our Priority

No matter the brand we are preferred RV Dealers of Coachmen, Viking, Clipper, Forest River, Travel Lite and other brands your family has grown to love. We have one of the largest inventories of new and used RV’s in Cedar Rapids so we know how to service your RV for you. We have an expansive network of partners so we can locate any parts needed to complete the repair. You will always get an honest quote for a fair price when you bring your RV into ATC RV center for your service needs.

Do You Need ATC RV Center to Summer-ize Your RV In Iowa?

Contact us today to set up an appointment that is convenient for you on your time. We want you to be safe as you travel in your RV in Iowa this summer, the sooner you bring in your RV for Service in Cedar Rapids the quicker you can be on the road enjoying all of the reasons you bought an RV. ATC RV Center is your one-stop shop for all things RV Sales and Service in Iowa!

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